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Description is a website dedicated to the history and toys of Keystone Manufacturing from 1919 to 1960. The focus is primarily wooden toys but there is also limited information about their steel toys and cameras. Due to the connections between companies there is also history on Jacrim Manufacturing and Marks Brothers Manufacturing. The site is filled with photos of toys and an ever-growing list of the products produced by Keystone. Verifiable information is always welcome as well as any comments or questions.
Although the Hess company registered its trademark in 1826, the website primarily deals with manufactured products from the late 1800s until the business was closed in 1934. Lithographed tinplate toys made their debut from Hess around 1895 and this website covers the full product line produced. In addition, history, patents, advertisements, catalog pages, boxes and literature are included. This website is always a work in progress as the mysteries of the company are revealed to me. Always looking for information or new toys please contact me through the website with any information or toys you may have available.
This website was developed in order to archive and display the wonderful tin toys produced by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patenwerk in Brandenberg, Germany from the 1880s to 1930s. All toys are shown here solely for educational purposes and to help generate interest in collecting these interesting, innovative toys. Every angle of every toy and box are shown. None of these toys have been restored or repaired except for the two or three repairs that are expressly noted. These toys are the finest original examples the collector has thus far been able to find, but the search continues and is ongoing.
For this site, an old toy is any push, pull, crib, or stand up children's toy made prior to 1945 and made of wood or metal. Most of the toys featured here were made between 1890 and 1935 but we do have pictures, catalogs, and descriptions of toys made up to the 1970s.

Here you will find toy photos, toy company histories, and online Old Toy Shops where you can buy great old toys. New information is being added daily. We now have over 586 pages of toy articles, identification guides, and old toys catalogs with more than 10,000 photos of old toys and dolls. Most of these articles were written by toy researchers, toy collectors, and family members of the old toy companies. We now have the largest collection of Schoenhut circus photographs on the Web and the best Humpty Dumpty circus identification guide too.
The Schoenhut Collectors' Club promotes the collecting, preservation, and research of the dolls, toys, and games produced by the A. Schoenhut Co. and its successor companies.