Never heard of the ATCA? Read our mission to find out who we are and what we do.
Do you have what it takes to become an ATCA Member? Read our requirements.
Four Membership Categories
1. Regular Members: are those who collect antique toys, wish to meet others who do, and who are willing to help the ATCA in its educational mission. A Regular Member must own a minimum of five antique toys.

2. Antiquarian Members: are individuals associated with antiquarian societies, museums or antique publications who have shown a genuine interest in the field of antique toys. They do not have to own or possess a private collection of antique toys.

3. Junior Members: are antique toy collectors between the ages of 18 and 21 years of age. They will become Regular Members automatically on reaching the age of 21. As with Regular Members, a Junior Member must own at least five antique toys.

4. Associate Members: are those spouses or partners of regular members who wish to become members in their own right. They do not receive copies of the club's publications. (Note: spouses or partners of regular members who wish to receive their own copies of the club's publications may apply for regular membership.)

All members pay dues to support the club in its mission. At this time, Regular and Antiquarian dues are US$60.00 per year. Junior and Associate dues are US$30.00 per year. Antiquarian and Junior Members do not have voting privileges.

Three Necessary Requirements
1. Your toy collection must contain at least five antique toys.
2. You must be sponsored by one regular member of ATCA.
3. You must attend at least one ATCA convention with your sponsors prior to membership.

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Create Fellowship and Friends
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Owning and Sharing your Passion
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