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Do you collect antique toys? Do you want to know more about them? Would you like to join others who love antique toys the way you do? This site is dedicated to the history, beauty, and preservation of the toys of yesteryear. The Antique Toy Collectors of America, Inc. invites you to learn more about our mission, our members, and, of course, antique toys. Our site is still being developed. In the future we hope to have more information about the toys we love, so we can share with others and encourage them in collecting and preserving this part of our culture and heritage. If you have suggestions or comments, please contact us.

These original articles and excerpts are written by ATCA members who enrich and enliven the minds of others by sharing their passion and knowledge of collecting antique toys.
Ahrens Fox Pumper | BY ROY BLOMSTER |
Repairing the fire engine was long and difficult. It required borrowing a good Ahrens Fox pumper to use as a model to get the parts correct....
Crandall's Pigs in Clover | BY CHRIS RUBIN |
Charles Martin Crandall, born May 30, 1833, started inventing toys at the tender age of 12, and took over the Crandall Toy Company at age 16...
Palmer Cox Brownies | BY JEANNE SOLENSKY |
Based on Scottish folklore, the Brownies were an adventurous and mischievous group of little men who evolved from being similarly illustrated characters into many individuals...
Structo Toys—1915–1920 | BY PAUL STIMMLER |
The toy company we know as Structo was formed in 1908 by partners Louis Strohacker and C.E. Thompson. Located in Freeport, Illinois at 122 North Powell Avenue...
Buddy "L" Sprinklers | BY MICHAEL YOLLES |
The Buddy "L" 1924-1929 tank sprinkler truck is 25-1/4" long. The truck has a doorless cab, black front hood, fenders, steering wheel, seat, and short running-boards...

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